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Experience pure bliss with our creamy ice cream scoops and tantalizing milkshakes


Be it the traditional Espresso, the creamy embrace of a Latte, the frothy charm of a Cappuccino, or the indulgent sweetness of a Mocha, all crafted with our signature blend "Teja Vu".

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Our Coffee Origins:
India, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, Papua  New Guinea, Mexico, Costa Rica, Indonesia & Ethiopia


Indulge in ourSignatureBroasted Chicken

Feast your eyeson our delectablepizzas, freshly bakedwith a medley ofmouthwatering toppings
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Tasty  & Healthy Options for a Change

Dinner Salad with Meat_edited.jpg
Pile of Oranges

Craving anostalgic treat,our slushiesbring a smile toyour facewith every sip

Abstract Linear Background

Experience the delight of simply good food

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